[ New Service ] Anime4K Player is now available!

We have released "Anime4K Player," a media player that allows you to listen to your own animation data in real time and in high definition!

Anime4K Player, a media player that allows users to listen to anime in high resolution in real time, is now available on cre8tiveAI.

Anime4K Player offers three playback modes: Regular, Middle, and Ultra. Ultra is designed for PCs with a GPU, and provides higher quality and higher resolution.

Windows and Mac versions are available for 980 yen per license.

Media player that uses AI to enhance the quality of animation in real time | Anime4K Player
Anime4K Player is a media player that allows you to playback your own animations in real time with high resolution to 4K and other formats. It is provided as a desktop application that can be installed and used on a PC.
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