[ New Service ] AnimeSR is now available!

We have released "AnimeSR", a Chrome extension which uses AI to enhance the quality of anime videos on web pages in real time!

AnimeSR can process videos on web pages in real time and works with many video sites such as YouTube and Vimeo, etc. (It can't be used for DRM-protected videos and some untested websites.)

AnimeSR is a very useful tool for anime fans, making it possible for everyone to enjoy anime videos in a higher quality. The following promotional video shows a demonstration of AnimeSR! 👇

AnimeSR - Promotional Video

You can adjust the power of AnimeSR to match the performance of your computer. If you have a lower-performance computer, you can use a weaker power setting to slightly improve the video quality while keeping the video from lagging. If you have a high performance computer, you can use a stronger power setting to improve the video quality more.

If the default power slider and video processing flows don't meet your needs, you can customize the power slider choices or add a new video processing flow. Fine-tuning the settings based on the quality of the original video before processing and your computer's performance will ensure a best viewing experience.

When you watch the anime video in full-screen mode, you can easily turn AnimeSR on/off and adjust the power using customizable shortcut keys.

For detailed instructions on how to use AnimeSR, please visit the support page of AnimeSR.

AnimeSR can be downloaded for free from the Chrome Web Store, anime fans who use Chrome should definitely give it a try! 👇

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